Feel Better with Affinity Whole Health Today

If you’re starting to feel the downward slide, you aren’t alone. During your 20’s it seems like nothing can stop you, but as you age it can feel like your peak is over. That’s why we are here to help.

Thousands of men & women experience the uncomfortable symptoms associated with aging. Although aging is a normal part of life, that doesn’t mean you have to just get by. Hormone Replacement Therapy is a proven solution that can help you reclaim your vitality and optimize your health.

Are you experiencing any of these symtoms?  

  • Low Energy
  • Irritability & Mood Swings
  • Diminished Sex Drive
  • Muscle Loss
  • Hot Flashes & Night Sweats
  • Poor Sleep
  • Weight Gain
  • Lack of Focus

How Does Our Solution Work?

Step #1
Complimentary Evaluation

Our dedicated Patient Advocates are here to listen to you about your symptoms & health goals and help you get started on your journey to feel amazing.

Step #2
Lab Work & Doctor Consult

We set you up for convenient & comprehensive lab work and then you will have a consultation with a medical expert to design a program that fits your goals and needs.

Step #3
Home-Delivered Treatment

Your customized therapy program will contain all medications, supplements, and supplies you need for convenient self-administration. No in-office injections or routine visits are necessary.

At Affinity Whole Health, we are committed to excellence. Our team provides quality medical care and customer service because we know how difficult it can be to experience hormonal & aging issues. We treat the whole YOU. Many clinics will simply focus on a single issue, but at Affinity your journey will focus on your entire lifestyle. We are here to support you during your treatment not only with medications but also encouragement of lifestyle changes.

Remember your health is an investment, not an expense.


“This is a game changer. I was always extremely tired, on edge, no motivation, lack of energy, etc. I went to my doctor and was diagnosed with extremely low T. I came to Affinity, and from the moment I walked in, I was treated like family. The staff as well as the owners are top notch and extremely supportive. I can’t believe how much this has changed my life in such a short period 

John Doe

“I was having horrible hot flashes almost every hour and my primary care doctor said I would just have to “grin and bear the hot flashes”. My quality of life was fading and I felt as though I had a fever all of the time because I was constantly sweating, hot and miserable. That was until I came to Affinity. The doctor at Affinity performed a blood test and found out that my

John Doe

“This place is great! The staff and physicians on hand are incredibly respectful and knowledgeable. They have completely turned my life around. 4 months ago I was a shell of what I used to be, today I feel like my young self again. I can workout daily, I sleep great, I think more clearly. I cannot give them enough credit for getting me back on track. Thanks guys!!! My patient

John Doe

“It has been great working with Affinity. I feel so much better after starting their treatment program. They send everything to my home so there is great flexibility in when I administer my treatment and its also custom to what I need. Many places just give everyone the same thing, that’s not what a former athlete has come to expect. Highly recommended by me and my teammates.” 

John Doe